Welcome to the world of Naramos, a Dungeons and Dragons homegrown world, filled with high adventure which is intermixed with mystery and deception.

Naramos is a world where Dungeon and Dragon players play the part of a great story that unfolds before their eyes. A story that takes place in a world where the player decisions will change the very course of history. A history that they end up writing -for better or for worse. Many have attempted to successfully weave through the deceit and create a world at peace, and many have failed in their attempts.

Ultimately, the players adventures will allow them opportunities to alter the course of events, thereby allowing them to infact alter the very course of history throughout the world, making this a Living World. A living world campaign will engage the players with not only the present, but brings into play the actions of the past and allows them to alter the events that will happen in the future.

Being a living world campaign means players will make choices are will ultimately decide the fate of not only those around them now, but also those that follow in the future. The players choices will send them down a path that will change the course of history and allow them to write the events that unfold upon the world of Naramos in the future.

Shadow of Light