A New Beginning For The End

A New Beginning for the End
In the latest, and greatest, campaign on Naramos, the players were charged with going to Gatequest to find the source of it’s destruction and to stop further devastation upon other lands. Coinciding with a campaign from the past, “Wanted – Dead of Alive”, this adventure put the player’s in direct contact with one of the most important, and profound events that ever happened on Naramos –The destruction of the city of Gatequest, and more importantly, the cause of its destruction. Throughout the adventure the players marshaled constant threats coming from all directions and pieced together the plans that evil had constructed.

An evil cult organization, known only as “The Brotherhood”, was going to resurrect the evil demon known as Viel. This demon was one of the overlords during the first war and ruled over thousands of darkones, commanding over them until his death at the end of the war. Once Viel was resurrect the evil goddess, Jusipher, would use him to seek revenge upon Shadas by entering his realm with a direct assault. By killing Shadas, the half-elf god, not only would Jusipher gain her revenge against Thorax, but also weaken the mortal realm, hopefully to the point of submission.

The players moved against this plot, and preoccupied the cult order but were unable to stop their plans exactly. The Brotherhood, used other methods and finally secured the objects needed for the ritual to resurrect Viel. During one last fight, at the Alter of Domain, they fought against the forces of evil to finally stop this evil ritual from happening. Almost to success on their quest, until the hand of god interfered, and finished what the cultist started. With one last trick, evil had accomplished what it set out to do and the world of Naramos was forever changed.

Within a few weeks the party went to Gatequest, after it’s destruction, unknown that they would see the results of their failure first hand and bear witness to the “Fall from Grace”, the most important event to unfold on Naramos since the last war. The god, Shadas, the first and original half-elf, fell from the sky’s in a trail of blackened smoke. His body lay in a open field with a hundred and two cut upon it, and the booming voice of the goddess Jusipher voicing her pleasure throughout the heavens.

Although many other things were done during this adventure to help after the death of Shadas, nothing could make up for the losee of a god. The half-elf’s has lost their leader, their god, and this caused much hatred between them and other races. Many pointed fingers, and many harsh words were spoken until a war almost came into being between the races of elves and dwarves. Fortunately, the players did manage to stop that from happening, but many a dark day lay ahead for the people of Naramos.

Living World alteration

The loss of Shadas, one of the most important gods on Naramos, is felt throughout the lands. Shadas was the result of the union between Thorax and Eliathandriel and what causes the gods split into two factions in the first place. He was the reason for evil coming into existence, the moment when Jusipher found out about him and learned about Thorax’s betrayal. Of all of the sacred gods there wouldn’t be any other god that would give evil more pleasure then to kill Shadas. The balance of power between the two god realms has suddenly shifted into Jusipher’s favor with this act, and her power over Thorax has grown.

Not only has this event had altering affects in the realms of the gods but Naramos will shudder at this incident for hundred’s of years to come. Suddenly, the priests and clerics of Shadas’s realm are completely powerless, their god’s power and realm, destroyed. The half-elf race, which includes both the races of humans and elves as well, have been dealt a serious blow that will take many years to recover from. The already strained race relations between the different races has been tipped on the balancing scale, and already tense situations have arisen because of this event. War between the races hasn’t been ruled out yet in retaliation for this event and more bloodshed is sure to follow.

Everything that evil could have yearned for is happening, and more….

A New Beginning For The End

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