Living World

A living world campaign is a campaign in which the adventures of the past affect and alter the adventures of the present. Where the decisions and actions of players from past campaigns get thrust upon the players of the present campaign. The decisions that were made by past players caused the timeline of events to alter, and those decision and actions are presented to the present players. A living world campaign will continue to grow with each passing campaign and those events will be added to the history of the world.

To this point that have been 5 major campaign in the world of Naramos and each of these have altered the course of history, sometime for better and sometimes for worse. But this history isn’t written by the DM, or in a book. This history is played out through the players and their decisions and then added to future living world campaigns on Naramos.

These are ordered from oldest to newest —

1) The Sacrifice

2) Wanted – Dead or Alive

3) A Changing in the Wind

4) The Betrayer

5) A New Beginning For The End

Living World

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