The Betrayer

The Betrayer

In this campaign players were charged with preventing the evil doers from reforming Hasfala, the Grey Spear of Storms. This mighty and evil weapon, if reformed would be more powerful then anything the races of men could bring to bear. The heroes were paid well from the coffers of the city magistrate to travel to a special meeting place and kill an evil leader, but again this story was but a ruse. While the heroes were out tracking down and confronting this evil, a greater evil had other plans and the players were nothing more then a pawn in a bigger plot.

Gatequest, the city in question, was attacked and destroyed by this evil so that they could gather the second piece of Hasfala. Heroes were be needed to help protect the city, but instead many would be out on wild goose chases instead, thanks to an elaborate plan of deception and a few citizens that would gather line their pockets with gold instead of blood.

Upon the adventurer’s return to the city they found nothing but ruins and death, the betrayer’s long gone and with them any evidence of their betrayal. Although fortune would smile upon these adventurers with some rather interesting twists, they were able to gain the last remaining piece of Hasfala and disrupting evils great plan. Suddenly the party became the most hated enemy by those that planned out this elaborate plot and every place the heroes went danger would soon follow. Evil, from all ends, was hunting them and would not stop. Needing supplies and allies but unable to gather either of these while this burden was carried by them. All alone in a world that was against them while trying to save humanity from their greatest fear. Even dying for this cause, while noone even remembers their names.

Living World alteration

Out of this campaign came more questions than answers. While they were able to thwart evil’s great plan, much of this has left many unanswered questions. Much of what the party did was done in complete secrecy, none of this would be known to humanity, except their results. Civilization was spared another blow because of their heroic efforts and mankind was able to overcome some of the past failures during this time. Hasfala was never remade and this caused evil to take a pause at their plans and alter what their goal was. This quest outcome came to alter evil’s plan of attack and their approach to further goals. Why let meddling mortals interfere with the plans of gods.

Instead of looking at humanity, and the world of Naramos, for their destruction they instead turned their goal towards the destruction of the other gods. What better way to ruin mankind then to destroy those that protect them, their watchers – those that protect humanity, if you could destroy them then certainly the world would be yours to conquer. This is the process they would use in the next adventure, “A New Beginning for the End”.

The Betrayer

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