The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice.

In this campaign the heroes were charged with gathering of new allies for the fight against evil. These heroes were from the Dark Swoop Clan in the northern mountains of Ironfell. Before they were sent on this journey they were given the greatest clan holy relics to help them on their quest.

They were sent out from there village through a long lost underground passage to help find new allies in the fight against the evil and then to report back in one year time. After days of traveling through this underground passageway they emerged to find a small village many leagues from where they started. To their great surprise awaiting them in this village was a letter from the leader of their village which told them that their quest was nothing more then a ruse to allow them to take the sacred artifacts out of harms way.

The leader of the village had found out that the Dark Swoop Clan was going to be attacked and probably destroyed by outsiders and that he has sent the party out a hidden, underground, passageway with the holy relics so that they could be protected against the hoard of evil that was to come. The village sacrificed themselves and tricked the players into playing their part of the hoax. From there the heroes had to protect the holy relics while also trying to find the cause of the clans destruction.

Living World alteration —

The players were able to secure the ancient artifacts and keep them from the mounting evil. Although they were also the first group to see first hand that evil has awoken. Many steps were taken to notify the leaders of various kingdoms but mostly their stories fell on deft ears. They also were the first to witness the arrival of Somaran, the death world of the shadowfell. Since those days, a dark mysterious plague has enveloped Naramos and much of the world has changed.

The Sacrifice

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